A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Ready to Make Some Money!

It's been a long time coming but things are almost ready.  The weight loss site has been up and running since June with posts at least twice a week from my writers.  The ebook is finish(!) and is under product approval review at Clickbank.  Not only that, but last night I finished the second sales video for the product.

The first video is one with a hook meant to hit home and really bring out the pain of the target market.  So much so, that when someone saw it, their response was, "ouch".  Of course, the video ends with the solution (my product) and how it can help.  The second video is completely over the top and silly but may actually work to draw the market in to really pay attention of the sales message.  Either way, they are both ready!

All that remains now is for me to set up tracking, move servers, and finalize the autoresponder sequence.  I think the autoresponder works but I think if I do a few videos with them, it will help to build rapport with the market and increase conversions.  With my new video techniques, that should be a piece of cake.  I've found that recording the audio with Audacity is SOOO much better than with Camtasia.  Not only is editing much easier but the sound quality is heads and tails better.  I also found out that you can set Powerpoint to automatically change slides based on a timer and that Camtasia will run with this automatic slideshow with no issues whatsoever.  This means that instead of me sitting here clicking through slides while narrating, I can narrate and edit the audio then set the slideshow to play/record and walk away.  I did it Sunday and was able to watch Sherlock while the computer did my work for me.

Have to love that.

The server switch is in order to accommodate the tracking system I'll be using.  After years of searching, I have found a way to track everything in the sales funnel - ad/demographics, optin conversion, email message conversion, sales conversion, affiliate sales conversion, profitability, and lifetime customer value.  Not only that, but I can do it with Prosper202.  The issue with the server is that all of this tracking is PHP heavy and needs at least a virtual private server to keep thing loading quickly.

Finally, I will be promoting using Facebook ads.  This also means that there is another item to ad to the list - building up that fan page.  I've tried Facebook ads in the past with no success whatsoever but I recently have noticed that the environment for Facebook ads has changed.  It is now very similar to the way that the Google Content Network was perceived years ago.  Most people say stay away while others secretly found ways to make it insanely profitable.  I'm really excited.

If all goes well, we will launch before the end of the month - 9 years after I started playing this game.

I'm determined if nothing else.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Salesvideo I and Optin Videos Complete

The first salesvideo, optin video, and sign-up thank you video are complete!

The second one just needs the the first part worked on as the second half of the video is the same as the first salesvideo.  Depending on how the finances look, I may be able to launch by the end of the week.  I still need to make the download pages for the lead magnet report and the actual product before submitting to Clickbank.  Again, when I do that will depend on how much money is available. 

Hopefully, I will not have to wait until payday next week.  If so, I could take care of all of the little things that need to be done first before doing the paid necessities.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Foot Dragger

I admit it.  I'm dragging my feet with the new product.  Part of it is laziness and wanting to relax after being at work for 8-11 hours (depending on the day).  The other part is not wanting to do the video editing.  I've lost all of my employees and one of them used to take my audio and do all of the editing for me.  Admittedly, she wouldn't always get it right but we would eventually get to a finished product that I was satisfied to use.

Now it is all on me.

I just need to suck it up and stop being a baby.  Recording and editing is nothing to compared to having to get up and go to work everyday.  The longer I put it off, the longer I have to keep doing the dayjob.

Last time, I mentioned that I may do a video to promote the optins.  I decided that doing so would be the best option and I wrote the script later that day.  I also just placed my order on Fiverr to get a woman to do a portion of the audio for the videos.  Both the sales videos and the optin video will have portions that would best be covered by a woman so that is going to be worked on soon.  The second salesvideo script needs another review before I can get it ready for her to record.

Tonight, I record my portion of the audio.  No more wasting time.  The sooner they are ready, the sooner the Business can get back on its feet.

Focusing on just one project has already made things easier.  I'm less stressed out and I'm doing far less busy work than I was before.  The things that I actually do now matter.  The things that I spend money on actually move the project forward.  A friend of mine said that I have matured in my approach.  I tend to agree.

I think this maturing is going to really show in the optimization of the sales funnel.

I have NEVER made a consistent, concerted effort to do real split testing.  Yes, I have split tested but not in the way that I should have been doing it.  Either I would let things run too long and not create more tests or I would be too quick to jump to the conclusion that a certain variation was a winner.  Plus, with my attention split on any number of other promotions, I never paid enough attention to any one campaign. 

Now, I will have all of that attention on one promotion.  All of the advertising budget will be put into one promotion.  I will be ditching Google Analytics and Website Optimizer for better, more reliable tools.

This is going to be good.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Draft Sales Copies Complete

Since the last post, I have written two drafts of the salescopy for the new ebook.  It is actually a sales script as I will be using video rather than the typical salesletter.  The videos have converted much better in the past than the salesletter style pages.

Tonight, I will create the accompanying slides that will be used in the video.  I'm also thinking that it may be a good idea to create a short video for the optins as well.  I'll think about that and make a decision later.  Other than that, things have been pretty quiet.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's Been Going On?

It's been a very long time since the last post - April to be exact.  I could not let the end of the year pass without at least posting once.  So much has happened this year, both good and bad.

I lost my grandfather and an uncle within months of each other.

But I gained a wife and a new family!

All in all, things have been good.

I've been working in the job that I took back in June 2012.  It was supposed to only be until August 2012, then October, then November.  Then it became indefinite - until 2 weeks ago.  I told my boss about my business!  Not all of it, just that I do "web development" and that I wanted to be on her side of the table (boss) rather than on mine (employee).  Being an entrepreneur with several businesses, she understands and has been very supportive.  We worked out that I would go part-time with the job in the Spring 2014.

That will continue to provide an income stream while giving me more time to work on The Business.

How has the Business been?  It depends on your perspective.  Income is at an all time low.  I do not think it has been this low since before I created my first product back in 2006.  However, there has been a HUGE shift.

I've culled all but two of my sites!  The one with my main products on it and my new weight loss venture.  That's it.  I don't work on any other sites and I barely work on the main one.  I have been experimenting with this weight loss site and things are looking very good.

I hired writers.  Not writers who speak English as their second language; American and British writers.  They do not do one off articles but are part of the team.  I pay them more than I ever thought I would for an article and the quality shows.  They love to write and have churned out 1-3 articles every week since July 2013!

Every week!

The content on the site is top-notch; something that I can be proud to show to others.  That content has brought visitors without any real marketing yet.  We've had 125 uniques this month without doing ANY SEO or paid advertising.  That number is small but I think it is great considering that all we have done is put out good content.

Here's where things get really interesting.  The model that I have developed using this weight loss site can be transferred to my old sites that are still around or I could jump into major markets with brand new sites.  The writers are doing the heavy lifting to get the content going on a regular basis to develop the audience.  This lets me focus on product development and marketing - exactly where my focus should be.  It's very exciting but I'm staying focused.  Before taking this model to another market, the weight loss site needs to hit $10k profit/month.  That would let me feel comfortable enough to invest in another market.

Getting to that $10k is not going to be as tough as it sounds.  The first product for the weight loss site is almost ready.  The initial autoresponder sequence is almost ready.  The opt-in forms are complete.  I just need to make the sales page for the product and the download pages for the free report and product.  Then it will be time to launch.

No more Google or even Bing for ads.  We are going to go Facebook and banner ads.  That will be a tricky transition but I know it will work.  Also, I will be piggy-backing on the following of existing personalities in the market to help build the following for the weight loss site by paying for guest posts.  That's right.  Rather than trying to siphon traffic from someone else's site, I will find those who already have a following and pay them to write a piece or two for my site.  Part of the contract will be that they announce on social media or their site (or both) that they created a post for my site.  That should draw their crowd to us.

Things are good.  I just need to keep the focus and do the heavy lifting necessary to start the launch.  I have been procrastinating about writing the sales letter and uploading the autoresponder sequence.  I just need to man up.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How My Eyes Have Been Opened

During my experiments with media buying, it became more and more apparent that traffic is not the only problem with my business.  One of the other major issues is reliable income.  In the background since October, I've been working on a membership site that would address that problem.  I had actually started the media buying in order to see if I would be able to get traffic for the site before I went all out on it.

Unlike my other sites, the membership site was going to be my "go big or go home" attempt.  No more fighting with other affiliates for scraps - I wanted it to be a nationally known brand before I was finished.  However, with the learning curve that is inherent in learning media buying I wasn't able to test the market before building the site, paying for logo, content, etc.

Then I received an email from a certain marketer.  I'd purchased a few products from him a long time ago and I guess he decided to start emailing again.  To make a long story short, there were two products he was offering.  One covered how to build large authority sites and the other covered the membership site model.  It was in the second course that I realized how far from having an effective business structure I truly am.  One of the modules discussed how to properly structure the business so that you are managing rather than being the one to actually do the labor as well as how to set things up from Day One so that the business could be sold eventually.

HUGE eye opener!

I knew that my business was not headed where I wanted it to be.  When people asked what I do for the business, it was always hard to explain it to them.  IM is still very weird and strange to most people.  However, lately the problem has been that there are too many directions that I've been headed in.  Even with the new focus that I discussed awhile back, I've definitely narrowed things down but there isn't a singular mission.

So, last night I made an org chart.  Yes, my name is in most of the positions but I'll be replacing me with others as things go.  Next, I will create a business model for the new site and nothing happens other than processes that further the business model.  The sole exception will be my main money site.  I have an email newsletter I send out three times a week and that is the sole source of income for the business right now.  I will continue to make those newsletters, however, even that will change.  One of my workers is now tasked with gathering the information for the emails so that all I have to do is put it into Aweber.

Once the business model is complete, I will look at each step to identify my strengths, weaknesses, the things I like to do and the things I don't.  The weaknesses and the things I don't like will be passed off to workers or outsourced.  I will also look for other ways to systematize and automate so I can repeat the process in another market later.

Next, I will determine a clear goal for income.  In the course, it said that you need to set a salary for yourself and include that as one of the monthly expenses.  With that added and including other expenses, the site will need to bring in $198 gross/day.  Let's round that up to $200.  If the membership is priced at $27/month, that is a minimum 223 members.  Rounding up, that is about 8 members per day to reach that in the first month.  That's not outlandish.

Tonight, I will go to 99Designs or another similar site to get the logo made.  I have already posted a job listing for 20 articles to be created and the inquiries are flooding in=)

One business model, one focus.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clicks but No Optins

So, my campaign is making baby steps.  I've been able to get clicks on my ads but no optins.  I had a voiceover created and one of my workers is developing a video to use on the optin page now.  Hopefully that will work better than the static page I've been using.

That's all for now.

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